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NOTE: Be sure to keep scrolling. Below this first list is another list of early settlers who signed the Constitution of The Squatter's Union. Second list provided by Jack Childers who is a direct descendent of some of those first settlers to our fine County.

This list includes some of the earliest settlers of Lake County. If any of these are your ancestors let me know, I'd be really interested to know if any descendents still remain in the area other than the ones I know of.

From "Northwestern Indiana from 1800-1900" by T.H. Ball in 1900.

"The settlers in 1834-
In October- Thomas Childers. An email from a Childers
In November- Solon Robinson,
Lumm A. Fowler--Descendants FOUND!!

Robert Wilkinson--Descendants FOUND!!

, on Deep River.
In December- Jesse Pierce and David Pierce, on Deep River and Turkey Creek, says the Claim Register.--Descendants FOUND!!

Settlers in 1835-
Lyman Wells
John Driscoll.--Descendants FOUND!!
February- J. W. Holton, W. A. W. Holton, William Clark and family, from Jennings County.
March- Richard Fancher and Robert Wilkinson, the latter on West Creek from Attica "Spring," Elias Bryant, E.W. Bryant, Nancy Agnew, widow, and J. Wiggins.
May- Elias Myrick, William Myrick--Descendants FOUND!! and now More Myrick descendants FOUND!
Thomas Reid,
S.P. Stringham, --Descendants FOUND!!
Vermillion, Ills., and Aaron Cox.
June- Peter Stainbrook
November- David Hornor, Thomas Hornor, Jacob L. Brown, Thomas Wiles, Jesse Bond, and Milo Robinson.
December- John Wood, Henry Wells--Descendants FOUND!
William S. Thornburg, R. Dunham, R. Hamilton, and John G. Forbes.

Settlers in 1836-
William A. Purdy, New York.
Elisha Chapman, Michigan City.
S. Havilance, Canada.
William N. Sykes.
David Campbell.
W. Williams, La Porte.
Benjamin Joslen.
John Ball.
Richard Church, Michigan.
Darling Church, Michigan.
Leonard Cutler, Michigan.
Charles Cutler, Michigan.
B. Rhodes, La Porte.
J. Rhodes, La Porte.
Jacob Van Valkenburg, New York.
James S. Castle, Michigan City.
Hiram Nordyke, sen., Tippecanoe.
Charles H. Paine, Ohio.
Hiram Nordyke, Jr., Tippecanoe County.
Joseph C. Batton, Boone County.
James Knickerbocker, New York.
John T. Knickerbocker.
G. C. Woodbridge.
H. Bones.
John J. Van Valkenburg.
Horace Taylor.--Descendants FOUND!
S. D. Bryant.
Daniel E. Bryant.
Peter Bernard.
Jonathan Brown.
E.J. Robinson.
David Fowler.
Cyrus Danforth.
M. Pierce, State of New York.--Descendants FOUND!!
Sprague Lee, Pennsylvania.
John A. Bothwell, Vermont.
Peleg S. Mason.
Adonijah Taylor, "Timber and Outlet." The last according to Claim Register, "May 15th."
John Cole, New York.
F.A. Halbrook, New York.
Stephen Mix, New York.
Silas Clough, New York.
Rufus Norton, Canada.
Elijah Morton, Vermont.
Francis Barney--Descendants FOUND!.
More Descendants FOUND!
Hiram Holmes. Samuel Halstead, "Timber and Millseat." "Nov 29th transferred to James M. Whitney and Mark Burroughs for $212."
Calvin Lilley, South Bend.
Samuel Hutchins, La Porte.
Jacob Nordyke, Tippecanoe.
Hiram S. Pelton, New York.
Ithamar Cobb.
J.P. Smith, New York, -settled July 5th.
G. Zuver, Bartholomew County--Descendants FOUND!.
H. McGee.--Descendants FOUND!.
Henry Farmer, Bartholomew County.
William S. Hunt, "blacksmith," Wayne County.
George Parkinson
S. Wilson
James Farewell, Abel Farewell, Carlos Farewell, M.C. Farewell
Henry Hornor
Ruth Barney, Widow
J. V. Johns
James Anderson
E. W. Centre
Simeon Beedle--Descendants FOUND!.
Isaac M. Beedle-See Simeon Beedle
William Wells, S. D. Wells, W. W. Centre
T.M. Dustin, E. Dustin Jr
C. L. Greenman, Charles Marvin
Mercy Perry, widow, Peter Selpry
Jacob Mendenhall
H.M. Beedle-See Simeon Beedle
B. Rich, D. Y. Bond, S. L. Hodgeman
John Kitchel, Henry A. Palmer
Paul Palmer, H. Edgarton
D. Barney, William Hodson
George Earle, Jackson Cady
A. Hitchcock, E.H. Hitchcock, O. Hitchcock
Russell Eddy, C. Carpenter
William Brown, R.S. Witherel
Charles Walton, William Farmer
Jonathan Gray, Nathan D. Hall
Edward Greene, S. T. Greene
Elisha Greene, W. Page
R. Wilder, John McLean, Solomon Russell
Daniel May-- Descendants FOUND!
A. Albee

Settlers in 1837-
James Westbrook, Samuel Sigler
John Bothwell, John Brown
Henry Torrey, S. Hodgeman
Joseph Batton, John Kitchell
N. Hayden -- Descendants Found!
H.R. Nichols, N. Cochrane
A. Baldwin, Lewis Warriner
Josiah Chase, E.T. Fish
Charles R. Ball, John Fish
Hervey Ball, George Flint
Lewis Manning, Benjamin Farley
Ephriam Cleveland, D.R. Stewart
William Sherman, H. Galespie
J.H. Martin, John Hack
T. Sprague, G.L. Zabriska
J. Hutchinson, E.L. Palmer
Lewis Swaney, N. Reynolds
Francis Swaney,
B. Demon --Descendants Found!
O.V. Servis, Joel Benton
Thomas O'Brien, John L. Ennis
Orrin Smith, Dennis Donovan
D.B. Collings, Patrick Donovan
Z. Collings, Thomas Donovan
Timothy Rockwell, Daniel Donovan
Jesse Cross, Oliver Fuller
E. Cross, Thomas Tindal
R. Cross, Orrin Dorwin
A.L. Ball, H. Severns
Daniel Bryant, Hiram Barnes
Wid. Elizabeth Owens, Bartlett Woods
E.D. Owens, Charles Woods
Dudley Merrill, --Descendants FOUND!!
William Vangorder
J.F. Follett, G.W. Hammond
A.D. Foster, J. Rhodes
Adam Sanford, Joseph Jackson
Charles Mathews, O. Higbee
James Carpenter, Z. Woodford
Jacob Ross, William Hobson
Patrick Doyle, P. Anson
W.J. Richards"

"Many Pioneer families came to Lake County in the years 1838 and 1839, but their names were not found on the Claim Register as its entries did not extend over those years, and it would be quite impracticable to collect many of these names now."

Settlers List Number 2

Thought I would provide some of the early Settlers from the Solon Robinson book that was put trogether by Herbert A. Kellar in 1936. There are two vol. I have the first vol. I will do look-ups if needed.

This is the list of settlers that signed the Constitution of the Squatters Union. Richard Fansher
Peter Stainbrook
Lewis Herlitz
Thomas Clark
Ranson Williams
Wm Clark
Calivin Lilley
Samuel Hutchins
Sprague Lee
Adonijah Taylor
Wm Mirick
James Knickerbocker
Aaron Cox
George Hornor
Amos Horner
Lewis Dille
William S. Hunt
Solon Robinson
Henry Wells
Robert Wilkinson
Elias Myrick
John Keller
W.W. Payne
J. W. Holton
S.P. Stringham
E.J. Robinson
John Foley
Henry Myrick
Wm. A. W. Holton
Joseph Kinder
David Hornor
John Knickerbocker
Hiram Nordyke
Rusel Eddy
Alxr Clark
Ambros Eddy
Wm. A Purdy
Sam'l. D. Bryant
Jesse Bond
Thomas Childers
Thomas Wiles
Elias Bryant

Second list provided by Jack Childers who is a direct descendent of some of those first settlers to our fine County.

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