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General Italy

  • Italy World GenWeb GREAT starting place for your research!
  • Italian Provinces/Regions Information on individual regions.
  • ITA-Sicily its all about family.
  • Best of Sicily: Genealogy
  • Sicily
  • Genealogy Help List - Italy People who will do lookups.
  • Italian Genealogy Homepage
  • Genealogy Resources on the Internet-Italy
  • National Archives of Italy
  • Italian Genealogy Concise Guide to Italian Genealogical Research.
  • Italy Help Links and Tools for Genealogy Research.
  • Find a Person: Italy From Infospace, Caution: Aweful Popup ads!
  • Italian Family Names Stories, Photos, etc. Send us the story of your ancestors.
  • Italian Surname Database
  • L'Italia dei Cognomi Surname Distribution Map, enter surname in the Cognome box
  • Sicilian Surnames
  • Joe's Italian Genealogy Page Lots of great resources listed.
  • Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian
  • Slice Of Italy
  • Williamson County Illinois The town of Herrin, in this county, has strong Italian heritage.
  • "How to Find Your Ancestors in Italy"
  • Italian Genealogy From Daddezio
  • AG's Free Online Genealogy Library Volumes of historical books and data unavailable elsewhere.
  • Sicily in Details
  • POINT -- Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
  • Italian Genealogy Suite101 Some great articles worth reading.
  • Chicago's Italian Genealogy Information
  • Calabrian Heritage
  • Center for Italian Studies
  • Italian Emigration to Canada Resources
  • Gaetano Italian Genealogy Great resources between all the ads.
  • RuthAnns' Italian Genealogy
  • A Genealogist's Guide Discovering Your Italian Ancestors
  • Abyz News Links -Italy Newspapers, News Media, and News Sources
  • The Italian Tribune Italian American weekly newspaper
  • Dave Hug's Photo and personal genealogy page.


  • Over view of Italian Records What records exist?
  • How to Obtain Birth, Marriage, & Death Certificates in Italy.
  • Finding Italian Records
  • Italian Genealogy Topics by Location at LDS.
  • Italian Church Records Interesting reading.
  • Gallo Birth Records index to birth years 1816 ~ 1865, also has marriage and death records.
  • Montefusco Records of Births thru Deaths
  • Alberobello, Bari 1812 1812 heads of households taken from tax rolls as well as the children that were born that year in Alberobello.
  • Letters to Send to Italy for Genealogical Research.
  • Italian Form Letter Generator
  • Parish records from Lozzola, Italy
  • Italians in Evansville, Indiana
  • Samples of Italian Birth Certificates
  • St Peter's School, Clerkenwell 1920s


  • Italian Cemeteries
  • Jewish Cemetery Project - Italy
  • Muslim Cemeteries in Italy
  • Italian War Cemeteries
  • Saving Graves: Italy
  • Italian Genealogical Group: NY City Area Cemeteries
  • Italian Cemetery Photos In Italian, but the photos area beautiful.
  • Italian American Virtual Cemetery
  • Italian Cemetery Daly City, CA
  • Staglieno Cemetery, Genova Italy

    Message Boards & Mail Lists

  • Italian Roots Message Board Another place to post your queries.
  • Gaetano's Message Board
  • ItalyLink Message Board
  • Italian Genealogy Email Lists
  • Search Italy Mailing List Archives
  • Search GEN-ITALIAN Mailing List Archives
  • Italy Mailing Lists at Rootsweb.

    Immigration, Naturalization, Ship Lists
    More Italians have migrated to the United States than any other Europeans.

  • Firstmom's Ship Passenger Lists Many Italian ships, as well as other ships.
  • Italian Ship Passenger Lists at Italy GenWeb.
  • NARA - Genealogy - Immigration What's available at the National Archives & Records Administration.
  • NARA - Genealogy - Naturalization What's available at the National Archives & Records Administration.
  • Immigration at Italamerica, good reading.
  • Italian American Collection- Immigration History at the IHRC
  • The Data Banks Italian emigrants to the United States, Argentina and Brazil
  • Immigrant Communities in Maryland-Italian
  • Italian Immigration From The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
  • Ellis Island -Search

    Italian History, Culture & Language

  • Babelfish Translation Enter words and translate to many languages.
  • Italian to English Vocabulary Intended to Help with Family History Documents
  • Italian to English Genealogy Word List Great for documents, from LDS.
  • Italian Abbreviations Abbrev., meaning In Italian, meaning in English. Very helpful.
  • Libby's Handy Translation Guide Months, years, numbers, and other genealogical words
  • Italian Occupations Examples: Impresario - Undertaker, Fante - Servant
  • CyberItalian Italian language study online.
  • Italian - English On-line Dictionary
  • Translating Latin Vital Records
  • Sicilian Proverbs and Expressions Popular sayings in English and Sicilian.
  • History of Italy
  • History of Italy another history of Italy page.
  • Italy- Arcaini's Home Page on Italy
  • Italian Titles of Nobility
  • Rare Given Names in Early Italian Records Very interesting explanation/translations.
  • Italian History Index
  • Italian Culture & Heritage
  • Italian Holidays, Festivals and Street Partys
  • Photos of Italy
  • Maps of Italy In Italian but that's ok, hint: Citta is city.
  • Maps of Italy Various time periods.
  • Italian American Christmas Customs and Recipes
  • Life Stories of Italian-American Women

    Italian Foods and Recipes
    Creating this category is making me hungry!

  • Italian Food Forever- Low Fat!
  • Italian Recipes for a Healthy Diet
  • Vegetarian Recipes -Italian
  • Traditional Florentine & Tuscan Recipes and Wine
  • Foods and Recipes of Sicily
  • Italian American Christmas Customs and Recipes
  • RecipeSource: Italian Recipes
  • Cooking with Patty, Italian Recipes and Menus
  • Italian Recipes Page Includes a few over 400 yr old Roman recipes
  • Italian Chef: Classic Italian Recipes
  • Mama Rosa's Italian Recipes
  • Regional Italian Recipes Delizie Italiane (Italian Delights)
  • 42 of my Favourite Italian Recipes
  • Italian Heritage & Food/Recipes
  • Recipe Index -Italiansrus
  • Traditional Italian Cooking Recipes
  • Authentic Italian Recipes
  • Italy Online -Italian Food

    Societies and Organizations

  • organized online database of Italians living in the United States
  • Italian Genealogical and Heraldic Institute offers research services in Italy.
  • Fieri international organization of students and young professionals between the ages of 18 and 39.
  • National Italian American Foundation
  • Istito Italiano Di Cultura Italian Culture Institute, New York, English
  • Italiamerica Italian American Cultural Organization to Honor Immigrant Ancestors
  • Italian Historical Society of America
  • Italian Genealogical Society of America
  • POINT -- Pursuing Our Italian Names Together
  • Embassy of Italy in the U.S.
  • Fratellanza Society The Fratellanza is the oldest Italian American organization in the United States.
  • The Italian American Lawyers Assn. (IALA)
  • Italian American Police Society of NJ
  • Italian Heritage Society of Indiana
  • ICS Italian Cultural Society of Washington DC
  • Italian Sons and Daughters of America
  • National Italian American Foundation
  • National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW)
  • OSIA One Stop Italian America Order of Sons of Italy in America
  • Italian American Gazette
  • Italian American War Veterans of the USA
  • Italian Club of St. Louis
  • Italia Unita of Boston. Italian heritage and culture.
  • Google: Society > Ethnicity > Italian > Italian-American
  • Italian Cultural Centre -Canada
  • Anglo-Italian Family History Society London

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