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Welcome to Firstmom's Adoption Resources

On this page you will find various links and buttons going to sites that I feel are useful to anyone with an interest in adoption. Feel free to browse around, but you may want to bookmark this site for future reference.

I'm a birthmom, I gave a son for adoption July 29, 1986. I originally named him Daniel Michael, but the couple adopting him named him Matthew Todd, Matthew means "Gift from God". Here is a poem I wrote for Matt back in March of 1986 when I was only 17, pregnant, very scared, and about to lose the first child I would give birth to. He will live forever in my heart. My only lil boy...I love him.
Now, I have two girls, Katie and Amanda, that I am raising alone. Being a single mother of two is extremely tough but somehow (not really sure how) I'm getting by. I just wish I had the survival skills back when I was pregnant with Matt that I do now, maybe things could've been different. And if you happen to be Matt, and stumbled onto this page, please feel free to contact me...Im afraid to barge into your life.

If you are pregnant and scared like I was 18 years ago, and you're considering getting an abortion, please read some of the facts about abortion and continue through a few of the fact pages. The decision is yours to make, though I am against abortion as birth control myself, but at least know all the facts before making a life long decision. Abortion doctors want your money, so of course they will tell you it's "just tissue" "it's not a human yet" "it cant feel or think" or whatever. I get nothing for telling you...there are other options out there for you in a time of crisis. If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you have a lot on your plate to deal with and you need to do a lot of research and thought before making any decisions. This is not just your life, but your may be tiny, you may not even feel it there yet, but it IS your child.

I chose the name Firstmom because wording these days is getting tough. Politically correctness and all. I don't feel I am my son's "Real" mom...his real mom, to me, is the person who is there for him day to day whenever he needs a mom. I wish I could've been but with my circumstances I couldn't. Natural mom...well sounds like butter...all natural. But then again if you think of nature, biology, ok yes it would work. Birthmom sounds almost clinical. I was his first mother, not better not worse, just sequential in his life. Without me, he wouldn't be here at all, without her, he might not grow into the wonderful young man that I'm sure he is.


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Links helpful to the whole Adoption Triad

General Information:

Vital Records Information-Adoption Links
Jeff Hartung's Adoptees Resource Page
Indiana Orphan Train Project
Celebrate Adoption Promoting the positive aspects of adoption
Gladney Adoption Agency Founded more than 100 years ago to find homes for orphaned children is today an international leader in adoption services.
Adoption Advocates Includes state and federal legislative news and analysis, advocacy resources, adoption assistance info and legal resources.
Holt International Provides services to reunite children with birth families. Placement services also available.
Tapestry Books Your complete source for Adoption and Infertility books.
The Miracle of Adoption Cards and Announcements. Shows samples of the cards that you can order online.

Registries and Search Sites:
TRIAD Society For Truth In Adoption of Canada Very nice site dedicated to Canadian Adoption, for all members of the triad.
Illinois Adoption Registry Includes printable forms etc..
Genealogy Researcher's List Lists pro and semi-pro record searchers in many states and some countries abroad. Most focus on genealogy search for dead ancestors, but may be able to point you in the direction of records.
A Search Genie Specializing in adoption searches. Reuniting families since 1995, offers free fee quotes as well. I've talked to her in person and she really seems to care about what she is doing. Firstmom (me) recommends, and commends, her!
Sunflower Birthmom Support Page Has search boards, links etc.
Birthmother Support A very positive and supportive site, not just for those searching, but at all stages.

He Would Be Sixteen Click there if you'd like to download a wav file of the song by Michelle Wright. A very touching song.

Hopefully I will be adding to this list again soon. Feel free to link this site to your page. Thanks for visiting!

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