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Welcome to Firstmom's German Genealogy Resources

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Bookmark this site now as there's just too much to see in one visit! Plus I've been adding links daily to new rarely known resources.


My German Ancestors-
German-America Ships on this site. (See the Ships category below also)

German World GenWeb SiteThis is the German Genealogy site of Rootsweb.

Tools/Guides for German Research

  • German/Prussian Mailing Lists can be a great tool.
  • Telephone/Email Directories Not just for Germany, but most of Europe. NICE tool! Includes some translation so you won't get lost if you don't know German.
  • LDS Online Family Search Search actual LDS records online!
  • German Search Engines Great listing of various German search engines.
  • German Archives
  • German-American Libraries and Archives
  • German-Americana Collection, Archives At the University of Cincinnati
  • Hints for researchers outside Germany
  • Genealogical Research in Bavaria
  • Surname Databases German surnames that people created databases on.
  • German Genealogy Bridge Links and info for German genealogy.
  • Form Letters to Use Contains letters in German with translations to send for records
  • Finding Where Your Ancestors Came From in Germany
  • Finding Passenger Lists 1820-c.1940 This is a tutorial for finding lists.
  • German Town Locator placenames, locations, postal codes and other informations on towns and villages in Germany today.
  • German Migration Resource Center
  • Search With over 2000 databases now online. Also includes a KindredKonnections Search.
  • Internet Sources of German Genealogy Excellent easy to use site, lists lots more resources. Some in German.
  • Evangelical Parish Lists In German.
  • Catholic Parish Lists In German.
  • German-American Studies at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Germany Online -German Embassy -German Info

    Location/Type Specific Sites

  • Hessen, Germany GenWebSite
  • Find Where Your Ancestors Came From in Germany
  • The Communities of Alsace A-Z
  • German Genealogy: Donauschwabe/Danube-Swabians
  • Genealogical Research in Bavaria
  • Germans from Russia Heritage
  • Bühlertal, Baden Home Page
  • Vörstetten, Baden, Germany
  • Polad Border Surnames
  • German-Texas Genealogy Web Germans who migrated Texas
  • Baden-Württemberg Mailing List Homepage
  • Emigrants from Nattheim to USA
  • Emigrants from Oggenhausen to USA
  • Ostfriesian Genealogical Research
  • Ostfriesland Ancestors
  • Saxony Online
  • Silesia Province-Germany Now known as Slask Poland, good site with search tips etc.
  • German Genealogy, Austria
  • A Swiss Mennonite & German Amish genealogy project.
  • German born on the 1851 French Census
  • Just What IS a Palatine?? Find out here.
  • Prussian Genealogy Links
  • German-Prussian Genealogy Links
  • Prussian-Russian-Canadian Mennonite Resources
  • The Pomeranian Page
  • Stemwede Genealogy Home Page Stemwede- North Rhine-Westephalia
  • Hegensdorf, A Small Village in Germany With photos and names of villagers.
  • Five Views of Siddinghausen Photos of this town.


  • Firstmom's Ship Lists Some on this site, plus links to others.
  • Germans To America Books Information on the passenger list books, includes CD info as well.
  • Researchers List Includes researchers with passenger and immigration resources etc. Planned for all states, find a researcher or list your own services.
  • Finding Where Your Ancestors Came From in Germany
  • Palatine Immigrant Index Index of names submitted by descendants...submit yours!
  • 275 German born people on an 1851 French Census
  • German Settlements in Southern Hungary
  • Emigrants from Nattheim to USA
  • Emigrants from Oggenhausen to USA
  • Finding Passenger Lists 1820-c.1940 Tutorial
  • German Migration Resource Center
  • Immigration History Research Center
  • Bremen Ship Passenger Lists
  • Guide to Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934
  • Immigrant Ship Information
  • Olive Tree Genealogy Site lists many ships and their passengers immigrating to the USA.
  • Ancestor Quest Genealogy: Passenger List Links
  • Ship Lists-to the States
  • Ellis Island's Wall See if your immigrant ancestors are listed or pay tribute to them by giving them a place on the wall.
  • Emigration/Ship Lists and Resources
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribing Project-Rootsweb
  • Finding Passenger Lists 1820-1940 Tutorial

    Societies and Organizations
    This is not a complete listing. Many of these sites list other related organizations.

  • German Genealogy Sites & Organizations
  • American Historical Society of Germans From Russia
  • The Emsland Heritage Society
  • German American Heritage Center
  • Indiana German Heritage Society
  • Pennsylvania Dutch Family History Site Pennsylvania "Dutch" were German, not Dutch.
  • German Society of Pennsylvania
  • German Studies Association ..scholars in German, Austrian, and Swiss history, literature, culture studies, political science, and economics.

    Schprechan sie Duetsch??? Translating those German Documents and more

  • Translate your personal text documents SYSTRAN Personal 4.0, translation software
  • Links: German Language & Script
  • German Script Alphabet
  • Moravians: German Script Tutorial With examples.
  • German Translation Service She Specializes in German genealogy, Fraktur and German Script, and Legal Documents. Also has other resources of interest.
  • German Translation Service - Old Script
  • Old German Handwritten Scripts
  • Form Letters for German Genealogy
  • Form Letters to Use Contains letters in German with translations to send for records
  • German Illness Translations
  • German-English On-line Dictionary
  • German True Type Fonts to download and use.
  • Research-It Translations Includes sound for pronunciation!

    Glossary of German terms found on gravestones and in other documents. This is not an all inclusive list, just a small set of common terms I've found helpful, for more indepth translations see the sites listed above.

    Alter von -- age of
    Bruder von - brother of
    Eheliche - born to people who were married
    Frau von - wife of
    Gatte - Man of
    Gattin von - Wife of
    Geboren , geb. - born
    Geborene - maiden name
    Gestorben, gest. - died
    Großmutter - grandmother
    Großvater - grandfather
    Hier ruhet - here lies
    In Gott - in God
    Jahren, Jahr, Jahre, J. - years
    Kind des - child of
    Mutter - mother
    Sohn des/der - son of
    Tagen, tage, ta - days
    Tochter des - daughter of
    Vater - father
    Verlobte - engaged
    Monat, Monate - Month/s

    Culture, Heritage, Misc. German Related Topics

  • All About Saint Nicholas
  • German Heritage Corner: History and Heritage Their site contains excellent material!
  • German American Corner: German Achievements in America
  • Life of the German Settlers in Colonial Times Very interesting writing on the lives of the first German settlers.
  • Online Publications Complete books online for and about Germans.
  • 19th Century German Stories Some in German, some translated to English.
  • German Studies Web Online German Newspapers, Libraries and all sorts of nice stuff!
  • German American Resource Directory
  • KY-AATG Cincinnati/Northern KY German Heritage Weekend
  • Frankenstein Castle Photos.
  • Jewish Studies Library-The Holocaust
  • German Genealogy
  • The Hessian Page Hessian Soldiers who settled in America after the American Revolution
  • German History Links
  • What's New in Genealogy...Today! Includes a section for passenger lists.
  • German Studies Association ..scholars in German, Austrian, and Swiss history, literature, culture studies, political science, and economics.
  • 10,000 Volkslieder German and other Folksongs
  • German Tongue Twisters! Shows that you can find ANYTHING on the web!
  • German American Cultural Heritage

    German Surname Pages

  • RIEDE Genealogy Very complete site with a lot of good info on the Riede surname orig. from Germany.
  • Schnake/Schnacke/Schnacky (etc.) Research Center
  • Pamjean's Family Homepage Some of the surnames- Armbruster, Müller, Weyh and Ziegler
  • The Zolman/Zollmann Family website Ancestors and Descendants from Germany and the USA.


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