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Welcome to Firstmom's Ireland Folklore, Cultural & St. Patrick's Day

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The Irish... There's more to us than funny little green men and beer! Ok, yes, I get a kick out of dancing Leprechauns too!

Children might enjoy many of the links listed, but towards the bottom of the page there's a new section just for the wee ones to have a little fun while learning about their Irish heritage through crafts, songs, poems etc. Great theme activities for educators as well. So be sure to scroll all the way down the page while you browse. Also make sure you bookmark this page because you will miss things on your first visit. And feel free to add my link on your sites, or pass it around to friends!

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Firstmom's Genealogy Resources -Ireland For Irish Genealogy!
Irish Ship Passenger Lists and other countries.

Éire go Brách

Culture, Folklore, Heritage, Historical, General etc

  • Irish Cultures and Customs A site packed full of great information, too much to describe.
  • Irish PenPals Get free Irish penpals and correspond via email!
  • Seattle's Irish Heritage Club Links Links to tons of various categories of sites, very worth checking out!
  • Medieval Irish Poetry Interesting site, a little spooky.
  • Newspaper Article During Famine Extreme details of a man traveling to various parts during the famine, and what he saw.
  • Views of the Famine from newspaper articles.
  • Heritage of Ireland Maps, Historic Sites, Culture etc.
  • The Irish Times Online Irish Newspaper.
  • Irish Saints Tells the histories of many Irish Saints. Very interesting.
  • Irelands Eye The Culture, History and Tradition of Ireland.
  • Family Crest Products Beautiful prints, Graphics, Screensavers, stationary and more in your family's Crest pattern. Plus T-shirt & flag transfers for the upcoming family reunion!

  • More Irish Gifts Click on "Irish Gifts" on that page for Ancestral Maps, & How To Start the Search for your Irish Roots

  • Legends and Fairy Tales-Selkies
  • Irish Folklore Irish Myths & Legends
  • Vikings in Irish Folklore
  • 'From Skerrydoo to Carrickfadda: a Study of Sligo's Coastline' Cool site!
  • Department of Irish Folklore
  • Irish Folklore- Banshee the Bean Sidhe ("woman of the hills") is a spirit or fairy who presage a death by wailing...
  • Orkneyjar -The Selkie Folk Excellent site for the tales of Selkies, including origin and children of.
  • Merrows and Selkies
  • Orkneyjar -The Magical Realms of the Sea For other sea based legends.
  • Anna's Irish Folklore Fairies, Leprechauns, Far Darrig, Banshees, Lianhan Shee (the Love Fairy), the Blarney Stone, Fairy Animals and more. Neat site!
  • Ireland First!

    Irish Language

  • Gaelic Languages Info Really interesting site if your search takes you to Ireland or Scotland.
  • Irish Language Supplement Tutorials and lessons on the Irish language.
  • The Word of the Day in Irish The "Features" link provides some good expressions translated
  • Daltaí na Gaeilge> "Students of the Irish Language" Irish phrases, Grammar, proverbs, etc.
  • Irish Language Radio Site is in English and Irish.

    Music and Dancing

  • Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann Promoting the music, culture and arts of Ireland.
  • RTE Radio Radio stations, listen live online.
  • Riverdance Riverdance
  • What is Celtic Music?
  • What is Irish Traditional Music?
  • Regional Celtic Music
  • Irish National Anthem Lyrics.
  • Tunes at Ceolas Downloadable in various formats.
  • Ireland 10,000 Volkslieder, German and other... Tons of Irish and other songs, download music and lyrics to most.
  • Irish Folk Songs Lyrics to 300+ Irish folk songs
  • Ann's Place -Celtic Music
  • Ruby Murray Fan Page
  • Irish Music Box On-line Magazine This is for the newer Irish bands and concerts.
  • The Great Selkie of Sule Skerry Version 1 with links to others.
  • Classic Irish Blessings

    Irish Recipes

  • Irish Kitchen Includes a library of recipes, and recipe of the week.
  • Fabulous Foods -St Patrick's Day Irish recipies
  • Fianna's Kitchen Find something Irish to eat on St. Patrick's or any day!
  • A St. Patrick's Day Feast
  • St. Patrick's Day Cookie Pops Cute for kids
  • Traditional Irish Recipies
  • Irish Recipes
  • Irish Recipes and Baking Apple Jelly sounds real good!
  • Traditional Irish Recipes
  • Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day
  • 123easyaspie - St Patricks Recipes
  • Irish Recipes

    Kiss Me! I'm Irish!

    Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!
    Or in English: Happy St. Patrick's Day To You All!

    First, about Saint Patrick
    This section I hope will be used by educators, and parents. The only celebration of Irish heritage that I see in my children's classrooms, are the images of little green men, and shamrocks. While talk of catching a Leprechaun in my daughter's 2nd grade class is cute, I wish they would give the children a little more information than "just" the fun stuff.

  • Chicago's Southside Irish Parade The largest community St. Patrick's parade in the US, now in it's 26th year. We went last year (2003) and it was pretty neat! I love watching the Irish dance school kids, it's great that the traditions are passed on.

  • The Saint of Hearts St Patrick in conversation with Medb Ruane - exclusive
  • St. Patrick - The Man and His Life Biography of St. Patrick.
  • Who Was Saint Patrick? By the History Channel.
  • St. Patrick's Day Festival 2001 In Ireland. Has other St Patricks links/info too.
  • St. Patrick's Festival 2002
  • St. Patrick's Festival 2004 - from Dublin
  • St. Patrick's Day Events Throughout the US 2003 Nice site lists events from March 2 through the 23rd
  • St Patrick's Day Gives a LOT of historical/cultural information about the holiday! Great site!
  • History of St. Patrick's Day From the History Channel
  • Four-Leaf Clover Facts One leaf is for HOPE..The second for FAITH..The third for LOVE..And the fourth for LUCK!
  • Shamrock Facts "Saint Patrick used the plant to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. Shamrocks have been considered by the Irish as good-luck symbols since earliest times..."
  • Dublin Pub Guide
  • Irish Jokes for St. Patrick's Day
  • St. Patrick's Day Wallpapers
  • St. Patrick's Day Sayings and Blessings

    Especially for the wee ones, great resources for teachers and parents:

  • Baby Names of Ireland Looking for an Irish name for your baby? Did you know Kaitlin/Caitlin is pronounced Cat-leen, NOT Kate-lynn?
  • Four-Leaf Clover Facts One leaf is for HOPE..The second for FAITH..The third for LOVE..And the fourth for LUCK!
  • Send a St. Patrick's Day Card Free.
  • Irish Legends Coloring Pages
  • St. Patricks Day Fun With downloads, clip-art, crafts etc
  • St. Patrick's Day-Activities for kids Some cute ideas, songs, crafts, recipe's etc geared for kids
  • St. Patrick's Day Crafts Some really cute crafts for kids.
  • DLTK's Crafts for kids-St Patrick's Day
  • FamilyCorner Magazine: Holidays: St. Patrick's Day
  • Mainstreet Mom's St. Patrick's Day includes crafts/recipies and other activities for kids.
  • St Patrick's Day
  • BillyBear says...Happy St. Patrick's Day Clipart, stationary, lots of cute games, Coloring pages and more
  • Saint Patrick's Day 2003 Word Puzzles and Activities
  • Kids Turn Central - St Patricks Day great activities
  • Enchanted Learning- St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Activities
  • Kids St Patrick's Party Ideas great for classrooms or home fun
  • St. Patrick's Day Cookie Pops Cute for kids
  • Irish Games Irish games, puzzles, word searches etc.

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    An Old Irish Blessing

    May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind be always at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your face
    And the rains fall soft upon your fields
    And until we meet again
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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