Newton County, Indiana
In May of 1997, this project was organized by Jeff Murphy, using the established KY Biographies Project as a model. State coordinators were sought to set up their own state project. They were offered the system design and tools created for the KY project, but were free to set up their project in any way they chose. I am Kathy Huish and I am the coordinator for the Newton Co., Indiana Biographies. Volunteers are needed to enter, edit, and archive the biographies for each project.
If you have biographies you would like to donate for Newton County please contact me. If you would like to volunteer to coordinate a county biography project please contact the Indiana State Biography Coordinator Deb Murray

Help this page grow by submitting a Newton Co Biography today..please put "Newton Co Bio" in the subject line.

I would like to give special thanks to Gerald Born who has spent many hours transcribing biographies. Without him there would only be a few bios here. Thank you!

If you'd like to join the Newton County Email discussion group, send JUST THE WORD SUBSCRIBE in the body of an email to: Then you can send your query, or surnames (Newton County Only) to

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Biography Submitter/email
Joseph PACY Gerald Born
John PADGETT Gerald Born
Edward E. PARSONS Gerald Born
Elisha PARSONS Gerald Born
PATRICK & ENSLEN, General Merchandise Gerald Born
Bernard PAULUS Kathy Huish
John PAULUS Kathy Huish
Henry PAULUS Kathy Huish
Philip PAULUS Kathy Huish
Dr. Thomas PECK Gerald Born
Mark PETERSON Gerald Born
William W. PFRIMMER Gerald Born
Richard PIERCE Gerald Born
James POTTS Gerald Born
David A. PROTSMAN Gerald Born
Leander REED Gerald Born
Anna Jane BROOKS RICE Jeanne Sloz
James H. RICE Gerald Born
Benjamin F. ROADRUCK Gerald Born
John S. ROBERTS Gerald Born
Alexander ROBESON Gerald Born
William RUSSELL Gerald Born
John SAPP Gerald Born
John SAPP Michael Sapp
George L. SAWYER Gerald Born
James SHAEFFER Gerald Born
John SHAEFFER Gerald Born
John A. SIMPSON Gerald Born
Justus L. SIMPSON Gerald Born
John D. SINK Gerald Born
Alonzo SKINNER Gerald Born
G. B. SMITH Gerald Born
Shelden SMITH Gerald Born
George SPAULDING Gerald Born
Zechariah SPITLER Gerald Born
Enoch SPRY Gerald Born
George T. STONER Gerald Born
Asher M. STROLE Gerald Born
Abel THOMPSON Gerald Born
George W. THOMPSON Gerald Born
Young THOMPSON Gerald Born
Joshua J. TIMMONS Gerald Born
Henry TINCHER Gerald Born
Charles E. TRIPLETT, M.D. Gerald Born
Harrison TYLER Gerald Born
John L. VOSBURGH Gerald Born
Paul WEISHAAR Gerald Born
Robert E. WILLIAMSON Former Newton Co. Coordinator, in Memorium Gerald Born
Aaron WILSON Gerald Born
Mrs. Sarah ZOBOROSKY Gerald Born

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