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My families obituaries

These are text files from my family program transcribed from original obituaries. More will be added as I find them. To me, obituaries are a great source of info to find out where people were born, died, who they left behind can give clues as to who else they were related to etc. Some, like many that I have here, listed the organizations they belonged to and give a little insight into what they did during their lives.

Eugene Hyde Huish Indiana
Lela Paulus Huish Indiana
Martha Jane Price Huish Indiana
Robert Eugene Hyde Huish Indiana
Barnhardt/Bernhard Paulus Indiana
Henry Paulus Indiana
Lavanna Selby Paulus Indiana
Catherine McDonald PlummerPennsylvania
Esther Ruth Moore Plummer Indiana
Mary Clark Plummer Pennsylvania
Oliver PlummerPennsylvania
Sylvester Plummer Pennsylvania
Thomas Plummer Pennsylvania
Oliver PlummerPennsylvania
John A. Plummer Pennsylvania

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