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DePauw Baseball 1917

Last spring owing to the war inter-collegiate baseball was discontinued but an inter-class schedule was played.
The Juniors with six letter men won the championship without the loss of a single game, although in their intial combat the Freshmen held them to a 2-2 score in thirteen innings. Pence, Denman, Royce, Miller, Theibert, and Mahaffey were the letter men on the team while Lemasters, Clapp, Collom, Chapman and Sharp were used interchangebly in the outfield. Miller did most of the hurling for the Juniors and Mahaffey did the receiving. Collom assisted Miller by winning the sophomore game for the Juniors. Miller pitched a no-hit, no-run game against the Freshmen after they had held the upperclassmen for thirteen innings 2-2 earlier in the season.
Julian did the pitching for the Freshs while Yunker was behind the bat. Wimmer, Smith, Elywn and Carlisle formed the battery for the Sophs. Sisson and Rippetoe did all of the heavy work for the seniors.

Pictures with captions in the yearbook
Cooney Miller
Captain of this year's nine, there is no doubt but he will enjoy a successful season.
He is recognized to be one of the best college pitchers in the state. Always a hard fighter who never gives up till the last man is out in the ninth inning.
His enthusiasm in aiding Coach Buss to mould a nine into shape with the only three 'D's' as a nucleus will no doubt account greatly for the success of the team this year.

BIG Smith
Smithy with his long reach never fails to pull down wild throws to the intial bag.

Joe Royce
Joe was always a hard worker and on the job.

Irish Mahaffey
Irish with his batting ability has broken up many games. The 'Little Giants' always hate to see him come to bat.

NOTE A lot of the names are nicknames. This is how it was written in the book, I do not know their actual names but they would be listed in the Yearbook elsewhere also.
The last four people have pictures with captions in the yearbook. For info on getting a scanned or photocopied copyof this or any page in the 1918 DePauw Yearbook contact me. Thank you for visiting!

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