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Some DeKalb County Deaths

LUDWIG, Anna Carr, Aug 4, 1945, age 45, F. Franz Stribe?

LUDWIG, Benner, Aug 27 1924, age 78, F. John Ludwig, M. Elizabeth Wiber

LUDWIG, Henry, Feb 2 1935 age 72, F. Cyrus Ludwig, M. Anna S.

LUDWIG, Nellie C., May 19 1963 age 77, F. Solomon Thomas, M. Ellen Feagler

LUDWIG, Rachel Alice, June 10 1932, age 68, F. Jacob Maurer, M. Rebecca Wyatt

LUDWISKI, Jeanette, Sep. 12 1933, age 8 months, F. John Ludwiski, F. Cecelia Joblowski

LUDWISKI, Stillborn, Jan 14, 1926, F. John Ludwiski

LUDWISKI, John, April 4 1941, age 64, F. John Ludwiski-Poland

LUDWISKI, Tillie Celia, Oct 18, 1942, age 55, F. Thomas Jabloski

LUDWISKI, Walter Joseph, Dec 24, 1948, age 31, no parent shown

LUEDERS, Otto Benjamin, May 14, 1964, age 84, F. Wm A. Lueders, M. Theresia ..cannot read last name..Lenner possibly

LUFT, Ruth Esther, April 12 1921 age 9 months, F. Theadore Luft, M. Anna Bald

LUKE, Addie C., July 7 1962, age 80, F. Samuel Easterday, M. Rhoda Monroe

LUMM, Alfred H., Sep 19 1953, age 53, F. Henry Lumm, M. Martha Bassie

LUMM, Elizabeth C., Mar 9 1962, age 67, F. John Lumm, M. Rosalee Bovlick

LUMM, John, May 12 1931, age 71, F. Conrad Lumm, M. Magdalene

LUMM, Kathern M., Mar 3 1949, age 58, F. Nethercott

LUMM, Martha Ann, Jan 27 1954, age 93, F. Conrad Bassie

LUMM, Melanie Lynn, June 28 1946, age 3, F. Robert Lumm, M. Betty Swartz

LUMM, Michael, Dec 3 1945, age 58, F. John Lumm, M. Rosalee Bovalick

LUMM, Rosalie, Sep 6 1937, age 78, F. Anton Bovalick-Germany

LUMM, Tillie M., Jan 18 1963, age 77, F. John Lumm, M. Rosalee Bovlick

LUNG, Albert A., Dec 11, 1941, age 59, F. John K. Lung, M. Sarah Reeves

LUNG, Katherine. Jan 26, 1943, age 66, F. Frederick Fresbie, M. Susan White

This is only as accurate as the paper in front of me, for further info contact DeKalb county vital records

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