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DePauw Tigers Basketball Team in 1918.

Merdith Buss, Coach.
Meridth, Athletic Manager.

Dave Billingsley, Guard.
Broke up many plays and whenever he broke through he would always cage a basket. He played in every game and stood third in the point column.

Isey Isenbarger, Forward.
Under Buss' tutelage Isey should prove a valuable man for next years five. He took part in eight games.

BIG Smith, Center.
Captain of this year's five 'Smithie' was a scrappy leader. He always kept a close guard of the basket when not jumping at center. Whenever the opportunity presented itself he would make accurate throws at the basket, his total for the year being 20.

Newt Carlisle, Forward.
The hardest worker on the team and had the best basket eye. He caged 49 baskets during this season. He should as Captain of next year's team develop a state-champion five.

Buck Bauckert, Guard.
Although he got into only six games he showed that he had ability and knew the game.

Shanks Kriner, Forward.
Was a hard fighter and had a good eye for the baskets. He should prove a valuable man next year as it will be his third season.

Jim Ramsey, Forward. No Picture
Although compelled to quit the game in the middle of the season because of illness, Ramsey showed real ability at hitting the basket and should be a big point getter on next seasons team.

Bob Bastian, Forward.
This was 'Bobs' second year on the team, but he was not able to play the entire season. He played in nine games averaging a basket a game.

Bob Ball
He is from Lebanon, enough said.

Mark McClure, Forward.
His first season with the team but he has proved his ability by leading the team in the total number of points made. He played in every game and made at least one basket in each contest except the last game.

Joe Royce, Guard.
'Joe', although elected Captain of this year's five, had to resign the first of the season because of enlistment. He put fight into the team when he reappeared in suit for the last few games of the season.

Each player has a picture next to him. For info on getting a scanned or photocopied copy of this or any page in the 1918 DePauw Mirage Yearbook contact me. Thank you for visiting!

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