This page is dedicated to all of my ancestors and their descendents..

Martha Jane Price Taken late 1800's, possibly Wales or Pittsburgh.

George Hyde Huish In his Civil War uniform. 1st VA VOL INF Co. D. Late 1800's

William Hyde Huish Born in 1865, so I'm guessing this picture to be taken around 1895.

William Hyde Huish Family Taken about 1911.

Huishs and Prices 4 assorted pictures all taken around 1921.

Lela and baby Robert Huish My grandmother Lela (Paulus)Huish holding my father, taken about 1927.

Paulus's on the farm Left to right, Hobart Wilgus, Lela (Paulus) Huish, Henry Paulus holding Robert Huish in front of the Paulus farm in Rennselaer, IN. Taken 1928

Group picture 1928Left to right, Henry Paulus, Marge (Huish) Stillman, Bessie (Dunlap) Paulus, Mary (Huish) Wilgus, Lela (Paulus) Huish, Baby Robert Huish, Eugene Huish. All standing in front of someone's really neat old car, about a 1928 model.

Robert Huish My dad at about age 4. Taken about 1931.

John and Esther (Moore) Plummer on their wedding day in about 1928.

Robert Huish My dad, taken about 1950

Robert Huish and Trigger My dad loved his horse fact he met my mom because of their mutual love of horses.

Picture and obituary in the paper when my dad died in 1977.

My mom taken 1999 at her 50th high school reunion.

Kathy Huish Yes, ME! At about age 2-3, taken about 1970.

Some more recent pictures
Me summer of 1996

Kate and Amanda My kids December 1995.

Me, Kate, Amanda and Santa Christmas of 1997, my newest picture so far!

Xmas 1997 again This one is a bit clearer because I played with the contrast but it's a larger file, over 100k, and I have limited space on Tripod right now.

Dave Plummer Hmm...a short caption just wouldn't do him justice.

Mike and Melissa More new cousins found through Dave Plummer

Amanda helping Kate open her present.

Blowing out the birthday candles

Blowing out more birthday candles

Prettiest smile in the world

My neice Julie "jamming" to her music

BooBarkin "Boo" Boxer, Shar-pei, pit bull and god knows what else...I'd hate to search for his genealogy!

A girl's best friend

Hope you've enjoyed this peek into my past, be sure to see some of my other sites! And MANY thanks goes to Jeff Farkas for helping me scan many these and his patience having to touch them up a bit!


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