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Death Record Page

If you have copied a page of death records from the WPA books from Lake County Indiana that you'd like to have included on this page email it to me with "Lake County Death Records Submission" in the subject line. See the pages below to figure out the format to use. Must be typed in Notepad with Wordwrap OFF for best results.
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These deaths range anywhere from 1899-1920 in most cases.

File Description Submitter/email
ARASS, Charles to AUGLOFF, George Ken Curtis
AUGUSTINOVICH, Dragica to BAILEY, Bessie Ken Curtis
KELLOGG Mariana to KIDD Norma Louise Ken Curtis
KENECKE Emilla to KICKKERT Anna Ken Curtis
KIDWELL, Agnes to KIVAK, Mary Ken Curtis
McAleer to McDowell Kathy Huish

More coming soon! Submit yours today and help this site grow!

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