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Genealogy Lookups for Lake County

If you have any Lake County reference material and you are willing to volunteer to help just send me a message.

Keep in mind, volunteers on this page are mainly doing this because of their love of genealogy and the willingness to help others. Please try to keep your requests to one name per email and give as much identifying information as possible. If you ask "could you send me everything you can find on the Johnson family of Lake County?" you might not even get a reply because it's just too broad. Narrow it down so that they are sure to find YOUR ancestor instead of sending you info on people you have no interest in. And, be sure to thank the volunteer, afterall they're giving you a part of your family heritage that you might not otherwise find.

Naturalization Index Lookups
I have the Lake County Book of Naturalization Index 1854 to 1932.
Email: Cheryl Balog Wenberg at

Solon Robinson's books by Kellar
Attention early settler descendants I will do look ups from Solon Robinson's books by Kellar.

I recently purchased a republished "Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of Lake County, Indiana, with a Compendium of History" from 1834-1904 by Rev. T.H. Ball. It is a wealth of information about your area. I would be happy to put it to use for "look ups", if you would like. Bear in mind, that like most people I'm a working fool and can't spend more than a few hours a week on genealogy. BUT IT SURE IS INTERESTING AND FUN! I HAVE THE BUG!!

I would be willing to go through my yearbook and look up student's names that I graduated with. I graduated in 1970 from River Forest High School. It is located in New Chicago (Hobart, IN mailing address).
Kenneth R Curtis

For Lake County research help Contact: Doris Brozak

For Lake County German ancestors research help Contact: Paul A. Davis

For paid research in LaPorte County:
Amanda Humphrey's Page.

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