UK & Ireland Collection

Ship Wyoming
From Liverpool and Queenstown to New York 27 December 1888

NAME,      Age,     Sex

Dalugs, M. 24 M
Bijoska, J. 25 F
Trob, Christian 24 F
Bennet, H. 42 M
" , Emma 35 F
" , Hermann 4 M
Berg, J. 27 M
" , Emma 20 F
Ahman, Ida 24 F
" , Weil 2 F
" , Wandelie 00 F
Wandrey, W. 31 M
" , Flora 29 F

Resource: Germans To America

This list was made to assist someone in finding an arrival date. If you find your ancestor here, take the arrival date and go to the county that your ancestors settled in and ask where they keep their Naturalization records or contact the State Archives, or National Archives and Records Administration and also read their page on Immigration Records.

I hope to transcribe more ship lists in the near future so check back often.

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