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Ship Waterloo
05 February 1846
From Liverpool to Port of NY

NAME,      Age,      Sex   Occupation

DOUGLAS, David 24 M Mnftr

Ship Mudara
07 February 1846
From Havana to Port of NY

NAME,      Age,      Sex   Occupation

BRACKINGRIDGE, Frances 40 M Doctor

Ship Adam-Carr
19 February 1846
From Glasgow to Port of NY

NAME,      Age,      Sex   Occupation

LOGAN, John 21 M Ctnsp

Ship Grandee
02 March 1846
From Halifax to Port of NY

NAME,      Age,      Sex   Occupation

CAHILL, J. 48 M Merchant
DELANEY, P. 28 M Merchant

Ship Toronto
04 March 1846
From London to Port of NY

NAME,      Age,      Sex   Occupation

RILEY, Henry 32 M Wmcht
  Eliza 23 F None
WILSON, William 25 M None

Ship Massachusetts
05 March 1846
From Liverpool to Port of NY

NAME,      Age,     Sex   Occupation

GLEASON, Mary 21 F None
GRAY, William 24 M Draper
MONTJOY, George 17 M Watchmaker
LAGAN, Patrick 26 M Grocer
DAVIS, James 26 M Stone Mason
  Susan 22 F Wife

Resource: Famine Immigrants 1846 - 1851

This list was made to assist someone in finding an arrival date. If you find your ancestor here, take the arrival date and go to the county that your ancestors settled in and ask where they keep their Naturalization records or contact the State Archives, or National Archives and Records Administration and also read their page on Immigration Records.

I hope to transcribe more ship lists in the near future so check back often.

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