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Only two people are listed for tennis, but this does include their pictures and a short paragraph.

"BOB" Bastian
"BOB" Bastian won the honor of being the single tennis champion in the men's tournament last spring. He hails from Indianapolis where his ability is recognized. He participated in several sectional tournaments during the summer and we are depending upon "Bob" to bring some laurels to DePauw this spring.

"Tilly" Tillotson
"Tilly" Tillotson with Bastian as a mate, won the double tennis title last in the men's tournament. This fall he defeated everyone in the men's singles except Bastian, which game was never played off.

Track Squad

Coach Fischer comes to us from Culver where he has had fifteen years of experience.
With Captain Jones as the only "D" man, he has developed a well balanced track team. He arranged a couple of indoor meets, the first in which the Tigers ever participated. The Purdue meet was lost by a few points while our margin at Wabash, although small, certainly was decisive and an index to Fischers coaching ability. We are experiencing the developement of some exceptional track stars this year.

Herald Jones
We feel confident that "Jonesy" will lower the I.C.A.L. hurdle record this spring. In both of the indoor meets he took three firsts scoring the most points of any member of the squad. Captain Jones has worked consistently all year and is devoting his entire attention to the building up of a typical Tiger squad.


This was the first year that we ever participated in indoor track meets. Coach Fischer made it possible by scheduling a couple of meets. Captain Jones was the individual star making 15 points in each meet, while Szold took second honors in the Purdue meet and Shoptaugh was the second highest point getter in the Wabash meet.

Scores of Indoor Track Meet
Purdue........49 1/2 DePauw 45 1/2
Wabash........38 DePauw 48

TOP ROW- Coach Fischer, B. Guild, Jones (Captain), Isenbarger, M. Guild, Bastian.
BOTTOM ROW-Cline, Proud, Szold, Canady, Shoptaugh, Grose

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