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How to get your ad on the Researchers List

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Do you have experience hunting down ancestors in your local area? Know your way around the library, courthouse or maybe the folks at vital records know you on a first name basis?

Well, if you love the hunt and would like to make a little money on the side doing it, list yourself on this Researchers List! I have put the page on over 50 search engines, I am constantly on genealogy message boards, chat rooms, mailing lists etc. and exposing the site wherever and whenever I can. Just like you found it, others do too. For years now this site has been well visited, and located at the same URL to be convenient for your repeat customers.

What's it cost to list on this site? Well, I checked some of the other lists out there and they seemed pretty high. I considered that, plus my time maintaining and advertising the site, making announcements about new researcher's on mailing lists and boards.

For only $30.00 US Currency per year you can have your ad, a paragraph or two, listed on this well advertised and maintained site. Your listing pays for itself with just one or two research requests! Save even more by going with the 3 year or Lifetime memberships!

-- Prices --
$30 -1 year membership
$75 -3 year membership
$100 -Lifetime
We've been at the same URL since January 14, 1998, and plan to stay here for many years to come.
New!! Now you can also pay for your membership online through Paypal! All you need is an email address, credit or debit card, and your payment is safe and secure. I've used Paypal (and am a Verified Member) for more than 7 years and NEVER had a problem. Save your stamp, envelope and paper...just use the buttons below to pay through and then email your ad to .
This will not automatically charge you in one or three years from now, so if you'd like to continue to stay on the List, you would need to return here and update your membership.

Membership Level
Include your typed ad of about a paragraph or two listing your State, Counties or areas you prefer to do work in and what kind of sources you have available. Also, you may want to include a price range because most people think they're going to pay a comparable price as hiring a private detective agency, they don't realize that our prices are within reason. Also be sure to include your email address as this is how most people will first contact you, and this is how I will confirm that I got your listing.

If you need some suggestions on how to write your ad please refer to Researcher's Tips
And yes, I can add a link to your own Services web page if you have one. So if you do have a page listing what services you will perform, prices, etc please also include the URL.

Any more Questions?

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