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Ship Canada
From Havre to New York
09 July 1884

Italian ship passenger lists and manifests to find immigrant ancestors

NAME,      Age,     Sex

MASSA, Mrs. M. 49 F
PIATTI, Mr. A.B. 31 M
CASORSO, Rosa 29 F
  Carolina 6 F
  Antonio 4 M
  Carlo 2 M
BALANIO, Saverino 21 M
BIANCHI, Rosa 53 F
  Marco 19 M
  Giovanna 17 F
PAULLI, Alberto 31 M
POSSATI, Paola 16 F
SIVORI, Giovanni 19 M
ARATA, Antonio 17 M
BRICHETTO, Angelo 21 M
PESSAGNO, Gaspare 19 M
ROSSI, Angelo 19 M
BIANCHI, Cirile 27 M
  Achille 22 M
  Attilio 17 M
DUGHI, Giochinno 49 M
  Davide 14 M
MAINA, Maria 32 F
  Giuseppe 4 M
  Giacomo 3 M
VITALI, Pietro 29 M
  Angela 27 F
  Francesco 7 M
  Elena 5 F
  Giovanni 3 M
  Tobia 1 F
LOMBARDI, Lorenzo 33 M
GRANELLI, Constantino 32 M
MAGGI, Ferdinando 19 M
DEMARINI, Nicola 49 M
  Madelena 60 F
VACCARO, Gerolamo 17 M
GIORANDO, Marta 35 F
  Caterina 4 F
  Domenico 8 M
  Battista 1 M
SILVI, Jacques 30 M
MARTINI, Lucia 23 F
  Jean 1 M
  Giovanni 3 M
  Maria 5 F
LANZI, Joseph 28 M

This list was made to assist someone in finding an arrival date. If you find your ancestor here, take the arrival date and go to the county that your ancestors first settled in and ask where they keep their Naturalization records or contact the State Archives, or National Archives and Records Administration and also read their page on Immigration Records.

I hope to transcribe more ship lists in the near future so check back often.

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