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PLUMMER Email Discussion List Information

This basic, no-frills, page will give you a little more information about the Plummer Discussion List.

First, what is it??
Well, basically, it is a group of over 180 individuals with interest in the Plummer surname or it's obvious variations (Plumer, Plumber etc).
It's a great place to post your Plummer Query, and maybe meet some newly found Plummer cousins!
We've also had discussions of the origins of the Plummer surname, tracing it back to possibly meaning plum as in lead worker, or plume as in feathers....maybe featherbed salesmen? Pen maker? Or other interesting translations.
Famous Plummer's have also been discussed, such as the supposed Outlaw/Lawman Henry Plummer in Montana.

How do I join?
It's pretty simple! Just Click there, and type the word Subscribe in the text/body area of the email. That will subscribe you to the List Mode (you get the message within minutes of a person sending it).
Or if you prefer to join the Digest mode (Get one long email with all the messages that were sent within a prescribed time period), send the word Subscribe in the text/body of the email to
Note: The -request in the address means that it is a robot meant only to take subscription requests. If you send a Query or any kind of message to that address, it will bounce and NOT go to the list. The robot doesn't know what to do with it. To send your message to the group see the next section on sending messages.

Ok, now how do I send a message to everyone in the group?
Just send your email message to
Note: You can only send a message to the list AFTER you join the list as described above. Only people subscribed to the list can send a message through. This keeps us from getting nasty spam mail.
Now you should be ready to join us! If you have any other questions about the list you can email me, Kathy Huish, and I will be happy to assist you.

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