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Current NWIGS Projects

Many of these projects are in need of volunteers - please consider offering your time.

Porter County and Lake County Cemetery Reading Project

There are 55 Cemeteries in Porter County, and 67 Cemeteries in Lake County for a total of 122 Cemeteries - 118 are finished and in books in the Lake County and Porter County Public Libraries as well as each Township Library. There are 262,137 names in the database at the present time. The 27th book of Cemeteries has just been completed. The books are also being sent to Salt Lake City, Allen County, Indiana State and the Northwest Archive Libraries.

This project is reading all the cemeteries in the two counties and creating books of the information. The volunteers for this project have done a fabulous job!!!! We still have a few cemeteries to go. If you'd like to help contact Doris Brozak at


Obituary Project

Please contact Marlene Polster at 219-663-1434 or Email Marlene for more information or if you are interested in helping.


Porter County Death Index 1884-1927

Goal of Project: To make a book from the Porter County Death Index card catalog in the Valparaiso Library.

Help we need to complete this project:
1. Photocopy the index in the Valparaiso Library
2. Enter the data into a Microsoft Word format
3. Create an index of surnames
4. Publish the book
5. Post surname list on NWIGS website

Project Coordinator: Mike Sutton
If you are interested in helping, contact Mike Sutton at 219-477-6686 or


Indexing NWIGS Newsletters

Goal of Project: Index all surnames listed in past and present issues of the NWIGS newsletters.

Help we need to complete this:
1. Index each newsletter using a Microsoft Works data base
2. Complete a index for the Newsletters

Project Coordinator: Mike Sutton
If you are interested in working on this project, contact Mike Sutton at 219-477-6686 or