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Lake County, Indiana Holiday Memories

Lake County Holiday Memories

Memories for the Michael and Kathleen Southard family in Orchard Grove in 1987 include a vist to the Cedar Creek cemetery. We fondly remember taking pictures of our children climbing on top of the stones when they were young, about 3 years old. Of course, we wouldn't let them do that now as they have grown and we teach them greater respect for the headstones.
Our Craft family is buried there. Diana Craft Ross who we think was married to Conrad Ross. We would like to know how the Crafts are related to each other who are buried in that cemetery. We also include Ross, Porter, Miller, in our search in surrounding areas as we have a photo album which shows us they loved each other and had a great sense of 'family'. We think this was because Harriet Davis Miller was somehow given to another family to raise, and considered these H. A. Porter relatives her own. We celebrate Thanksgiving in the search for the family solidarity once enjoyed by our ancestors. Happy Memories and Gratitude for those who have passed beyond the veil of our seeing, but not beyond the veil of our remembering.
Kathleen Southard

Traditions seem to be forgotten with the passing of each generation. Please send your Lake County Holiday memories and family traditions so that they may be remembered. We all have a connection, if only by region, and may find some similar traditions.