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Welcome to Lake County, Indiana's
Obituary Page

If you have an obituary from Lake County Indiana that you'd like to have included on this page email it to me with "Lake County Obit" in the subject line. Send it to me via email in whatever form you have it, if I can't find a way to get it on the page I'll contact you then. Include your email address in case someone connects and can give you more information on your relative.
Together we can all connect!

Obituary Submitter/email
Elizabeth ASZMONGYA of Gary Kenneth R Curtis
John ASZMONGYA Of Gary Kenneth R Curtis
John ASZMONGYA Jr. Kenneth R Curtis
Mary ASZMONGYA Of Gary Kenneth R Curtis
Klara BALOG Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
William Louis BALOG Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
William M. BARRICK Kenneth R Curtis
Henry BAUGHMAN Philip Ritter
Katherine BAUGHMAM Philip Ritter
Mrs. Mary Esther BAUGHMAM Philip Ritter
Mary Martin BOURQUE Wife of Treffle Bourque. Thomas E. Darga
Treffly BOURQUE of East Chicago. Early settler. Thomas E. Darga
Martha(Karr)BROM Kathleen S. Karr
William Barringer BROWN Constance Fifield Moore
Bertha BUNDE
Maryetta BURCH Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Emma BURKE Aaron Thomas
James BURKE Aaron Thomas
Albert CHAPMAN George Chapman
Andrew CHERNOTA Jr. Julie Haynes
Andrew CHERNOTA Sr. Julie Haynes
Emma CHERNOTA Julie Haynes
Mary CHESNEY Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Andrew Jackson CHILDERS Jack Childers
Marie E. (Hoevet) CHILDERS Jack Childers
Nora (Metcalf) CHILDERS Jack Childers
Gerald CHILDRESS Jack Childers
Lewis CHILDRESS Jack Childers
Thomas CHIZMAR Polly Siegel
Maebelle CLINTON Juli Freda
Ella COMBS Katherine Butler
Leslie COMBS Katherine Butler
Phyllis CONN Juli Freda
Mrs. Bertha COX Kathy Huish
Gustaf J. CURTIS (Kertesz) Kenneth R Curtis
John (Kertesz) CURTIS Kenneth R Curtis
Luther J. CURTIS Marilynn Howard
William (Kertesz) CURTIS Kenneth R Curtis
Alice DIXON Martha Little
Frederick DUMKE (DUMPKE) Kathy Huish
Clarissa EBERT Linda Wilson
Ed EBERT Linda Wilson
Fred EBERT Linda Wilson
Henry EBERT Linda Wilson
Tossie EBERT Linda Wilson
Christina (HOUK) FAUSER Janet Schwarze
Annie FOSTER Philip Ritter
John A. FRAK Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Frank FRANZEN Beth Orsi
Fred FRANZEN Beth Orsi
Mathias FRANZEN Beth Orsi
Alice M. Thompson FULLER Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Clarence FULLER Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Elizabeth GAZDIK Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
John L. GAZDIK Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Amelia HALLBERG Kathy Huish
Mrs. Della E. HANEY Juli Freda
Mrs. Elmer HAYDEN Nancy Amon
Sarah (Kinseley) HAYDEN Philip Ritter
Louise HEINS
Clara(Tarnowski) HESS Kathleen S. Karr
Elizabeth (Natke) HESS Kathleen S. Karr
Erwin HESS Kathleen S. Karr
Joseph HESS Kathleen S. Karr
Viola (Ingle) HESS Kathleen S. Karr
Mary L. HILL Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Jessie Nichols HOSHAW Jack Childers
George HOUCK Janet Schwarze
Barbara HOUK Bea Porter
Mathias HOUK Janet Schwarze
Jacob HOUK Janet Schwarze
Eugene Hyde HUISH of East Chicago Family Page Kathy Huish
Lela (Paulus) HUISH of East Chicago Family Page Kathy Huish
Martha (Price) HUISH of East Chicago, Family Page Kathy Huish
Robert Eugene HUISH of Merrillville, Family Page Kathy Huish
Edna Carolyn HUMPHREY
Helen KARNAFEL Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Arthur KARR Kathleen S. Karr
Emma KARR Kathleen S. Karr
Lorraine (Hess) KARR Kathleen S. Karr
Martin KARR Kathleen S. Karr
Mildred (Brydon) KARR Kathleen S. Karr
Walter KARR Kathleen S. Karr
Anne KERTESZ of Gary Kenneth R Curtis
Joseph KERTEZ of Gary, former Police officer. Kenneth R Curtis
Joseph William KERTESZ Kenneth R Curtis
CURTIS (KERTESZ), Louis Joseph Kenneth R Curtis
Mary KERTESZ Kenneth R Curtis
Rose KERTEZ of Gary, wife of Joseph. Kenneth R Curtis
Rudolph KERTEZ of Gary. Kenneth R Curtis
Stephen J. KERTESZ Kenneth R Curtis
Stephen J. KERTESZ Jr. Kenneth R Curtis
Joseph E. KOPCHA Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Metro KORNAFEL Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Joseph LANGEL Denise Gibbs Kneifel
Ruth LANGEL Denise Gibbs Kneifel
Frederick L. LEMPKE The Bryant Family
Joseph LENGYEL Sr Denise Gibbs Kneifel
Peter LENNERTZ of Merr. Early settler. Thomas E. Darga
Lucinda SKINNER THOMPSON LOYD Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Henrietta (Baughman) MACY Philip Ritter
Julia MARCHINA Darlene Marchina
Silvester MARCHINA Darlene Marchina
Jeremiah McCOLLEY
John MELLON Beth Orsi
John MOLNAR Sr. Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Bernard J. NICHOLS Juli Freda
Charles W. NICHOLS Juli Freda
George E. NICHOLS Juli Freda
Anton NOVAKOWSKI Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Hilda OLSEN Donna Olsen Cooper
Adelbert D. PALMER Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Benjamin F. PALMER Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Celesta Elnora PALMER Maryvance Thompson Phelps
William PINKERTON Nancy Amon
Mary PIXLEY Nancy Amon
Eugene PLUCIENNIK Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Konstant S. PLUCIENNIK Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Tekla (Tillie) PLUCIENNIK Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Esther (Moore) PLUMMER of Gary, Plummer Family Page Kathy Huish
Nada (BARRICK) POWELL Kenneth R Curtis
Thomas Imandry POWELL Charlotte
Henrietta Palmer RAGON Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Elizabeth REEVES Polly Siegel
John REVES Richard Siegel
Mrs. Ella ROPER Tim & Kate Gavin
Betty M. SABO Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Julius SABO Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Annie SCHILLO Beth Orsi
Joseph SCHILLO Beth Orsi
Mrs. Barbara SIMKO Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Henry B. "Sandy" SMITH
Joshua Parker SPAULDING charlie materne
Cynthia Dodge SPAULDING charlie materne
Jack STANKO Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Bertha C. STANKOVIC Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Eliza Ann (ALLEN) STOWELL Gerald Born
John STOWELL Gerald Born
John P. SZABO Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Ilo TAYLOR Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Aaron D. THOMAS Aaron Thomas
Pearl THOMAS Aaron Thomas
Adelbert THOMPSON Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Amos Perry THOMPSON Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Charles THOMPSON Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Irvin James THOMPSON Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Wilbur Palmer THOMPSON Maryvance Thompson Phelps
Mary TOTH Ken Curtis
Anson C. TUTHILL Rosetta Hotler
Mrs. William WAGNER Cheryl BALOG Wenberg
Charles WALKER Rita Pokracki
Stella WALLACE Linda Wilson
Lester WALLACE Linda Wilson
Walter R. WELDON Polly Siegel
Mrs. Celia (KELLY) WILCOCKSON Polly Siegel
Mrs. Isaac WILCOCKSON Polly Siegel

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