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Lake County, Indiana
In May of 1997, this project was organized by Jeff Murphy, using the established KY Biographies Project as a model. State coordinators were sought to set up their own state project. They were offered the system design and tools created for the KY project, but were free to set up their project in any way they chose. I am Kathy Huish and I am the coordinator for Lake Co., Indiana. Volunteers are needed to enter, edit, and archive the biographies for each project.
If you have biographies you would like to donate for Lake County please contact me after you create them using the NOTEPAD program on your computer which creates a .TXT File Extension See the biographies below for examples of how they need to be formatted.
If you would like to volunteer to coordinate a county please contact the Indiana State Coordinator Deb Murray

4/9/1999 I added the townships so that even if your ancestor isn't listed here, if you know the township they came from, you might be able to learn a little about the people and way of life in their immediate area. Add some flavor to your family history.

Biography Township Submitter/email
Amos ALLMAN Centre
William Babbit Ross
Henry BACKES Center Jack Childers
S. A. BARR Center
Charles & Mary BASSETT North/Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Jacob BAUGHMAN Cedar Creek Philip Ritter
John BAZIN Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Frank S. BEDELL Centre Kathy Huish
Crip BINYON Centre
M. G. BLISS Centre
Amos BRANNON West Creek Kathy Huish
Alexander F. BROWN Eagle Creek Constance Fifield Moore
John BROWN Centre
W. Barringer BROWN Centre Kathy Huish
James BURGE Winfield
Reuben CHAPMAN West Creek Kathy Huish
Thomas CHILDERS & Family Cedar Creek Jack Childers
Thomas DAILY Ross Kathy Huish
Heinrich D. EGGERS North Kathy Huish
EILERTS in Lake County Rusty Kleine
Wilhelm (William)John FEDDELER West Creek Rusty Kleine
Luman A. FOWLER centre Kathy Huish
William FRANK Hobart Kathy Huish
Abiel F. GERRISH West Creek Kathy Huish
James H. GUERNSEY Ross Kathy Huish
Edgar HAYDEN West Creek Philip Ritter
Jacob HAYDEN West Creek Philip Ritter
Lewis HAYDEN West Creek Philip Ritter
William N. HAYDEN West Creek Kathy Huish
George HUISH Family North & Ross Kathleen Huish
Frederick LEMKE North Kathy Huish
Nickolas & Elizabeth (PAULUS) LENNERTZ Hobart & Ross Thomas E Darga
MERRILL Family- Wm, John, Dudley Ross Janet Headley
Henry Cass MERRILL Ross Kathy Huish
W. W. MERRILL, M.D. North Kathy Huish
Ozra METCALF Cedar Creek Jack Childers
Abiel G. PLUMMER West Creek Philip Ritter
Frank B. PLUMMER West Creek Philip Ritter
Hiram POST Eagle Creek Kathy Huish
C.C. SANGER Cedar Creek Jack Childers
James H. SANGER Jr. Cedar Creek Jack Childers
Nicholas SCHERER St. Johns Kathy Huish
Adam SCHMAL Centre Kathy Huish
Samuel SIGLER Ross Kathy Huish
Dr. Lewis H. TENNANT Brenda Reeg Robison
Elijah A. VANSLYKE Centre Nancy Grubb
John H. K. VATER North Kathy Huish
Elizabeth & Michael VEKASI Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Ethel May (ARCHER) & Charles Augustus WELTER Calumet Linda (Walter/Eldridge) Wells
Elias & Olive WILDERMUTH Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Joe H. WILDERMUTH 1 Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Joe H. WILDERMUTH 2 Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Ora WILDERMUTH Calumet Dorothy Wildermuth Vekasi
Bartlett WOODS Ross Kathy Huish

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