Dedicated to Gary's Police Force, 1917
Reading left to right, first row--Serg. Ross Boyer, Capt. Thos. Matthews, Chief of Police Wm. A. Forbis, Mayor R.O. Johnson, Capt. T.E. Aydelotte, Sergt. Frank Gliniecki.
Second row--Officers A. Meyers, Tony Malone, Anthony Temske, J.A. O'Brien, Mike Negovan, J. Boley, T. Mayerski, Matthiesen, T. Mazylinski. Other officers are Peter Person, chief of Bertillion; R.G. Rambo, Martin Rowan, Ephriam Reia, Mike Tikulja, Dilburn Titus, Geo. Smelska, Alex Schultz, Mike Smigelski, Thos. Smyth, Nick Stathes, Clarence Ludlow Brownell, Chas. Witty Wilson, Mike Yanitor, Edw. Zukowski, A. Ahrends, Alex Johnstone, A.H. Jones, Andy Wytow, John Conroy, Wm. Burkes, Wm. Charlton, Stanley Bucklind, Fred Couk, Wm. Cross, Louis Curtis, Mike Danch, Louis Elsner, Geo. Evans, Sergt. E.J. Giller, Henry Gust, Alex Helin, Edw. Haack, Martin Johnson, C. Kovachevich, C. Klasner, Wm. Kriewitz, Geo. Lee, W.J. Linn, Iryl Kidwell, Jim Lish, Jack Loyd, Louis Manalin, Jos. Mather, Wm. Marquardt, Fred Metzler, Sergt. Wm. Miller, Jack Nesser, Chas. O'Donnell, D.A. Pruitt, Walter Petkey, Nick Bikos, Mrs. Nora O'Hara, police matron. Gary's first patrol sergeant and captain of police under it's first Mayor, Thos. Knotts, was Charles Catey, now a constable. It's second officer was Frank Chambers.
Gary Police 1917
Source: Gary, 1917-1918

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