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Firstmom's Genealogy Resources & Records

NEW! Spectacular ancestrial resource! Search the 1880 US, 1881 British, or 1881 Canadian Census AND view the results, households, individuals COMPLETELY FREE at the Latter Day Saints Site!

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Announcement: Newest Pages of resources: KENTUCKY, ITALY, CANADA and OHIO now have their own pages full of genealogy resources for the beginner genealogist! Lots of links to records you might have overlooked...maybe one is hiding your ancestor!

Super Resources:

Search the 1930 Census! The newest census available to find your ancestors. Look at their neighbors as well, you may find other relatives!

For Canada try: Search 1911 Canada Census

Whats Really New in Genealogy!


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Here you will find over 3000 genealogy links, mostly to sites which contain records such as: birth, death, church, cemetery, census and so on. Most pages, especially states and countries, contain 60 or more links. On each of these sub-pages you will find a menu, like the one below, that will guide you through the site fairly easily. I hope you enjoy your stay and find my site useful in your search.
~ Kathy (AKA Firstmom)

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Find help with your family research from one of our researchers..

We have a Query board for Genealogy Queries, and an Adoption Query board for adoption related queries.

A little about me: My name is Kathy, 39 year old divorced/single mom of two beautiful Daughters. I am also birth mom (gave a son for adoption in 1986). To learn more about my experience and others please visit the adoption page.

Some other random links of interest: A guide to free genealogy.
Katz Dawgs My other interest is animals. This site, rescue and shelter friendly, gives info on breeds of dogs, where to find shelters, AKC links and more.
Irish Culture, Folklore, & St. Paddy's Day

Download Free Irish Screensavers from

More Irish Gifts For your family.

GenFinder Genealogy Finder is a free application that contains more than 750 quality Genealogy links, divided into 27 easy categories.

Submit your family website to 40 search engines for FREE!

More Free Stuff Includes tools/forms for genealogists as well as samples and fun stuff!

Read the Huish Family Biography written by me.

Huish, Plummer, Paulus, and other Family Obituaries

Read how Gangster John DILLINGER affected my family.

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