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This cemetery has intrigued me since I learned of it a few years ago. Today I found a DAR record on microfilm describing it and it's residents. From the road, just south of US 30 and Madison Streets you can see 2 tall headstones under a tree. As many as 9 people could be buried here. Here's what I found from the 1950's DAR research:


Through an interview with "Uncle Kip Kenny", father of Cecil Kenny of Leroy, we learned the existence of this small family cemetery. It is on property rented by Mr. and Mrs. John Hein Jr. from the Adank family. It is located about an eighth of a mile from the house, which is on the east side of the Merrillville Road just before it crosses US 30. It is on a small knoll, just beyond a ditch. Four trees and a dense growth of grass conceals the stones from view on the road. Mrs. Hein told us that the story had been handed down that a plague had caused the death of the entire family --parents and seven children. However we found only four stones; the others, if there were nine, have been carried away.

The present owners do not pay taxes on approximately ninety square feet of property in the cemetery plot, and hope to remove the remaining stones next year -one hundred years following the last burial. The land, we learned, had been a grant by President Polk to Mathias Holtzwarth in 1846; it was sold to Daniel Fail, then to Walter Demmon, and then to William Adank. The abstract shows a Mathias Holtzworth and his wife, Maria; and an heir, Rosina and Mathias and his wife, Christine, as late as 1868 or 70.

The four found stones were as follows:

HOLTZWARTH, Catherine; dau of M. & R. Holtzwarth; died Feb 5, 1847; aged 17 yrs. 11 mos. 12 da.
        - Hannah; dau of M. and R. Holtzwarth; died Mar 7, 1856; aged 1 yr. 6 mo.
        - Magdalena dau of M. and R. Holtzwarth; died Feb. 15, 1847; aged 6 yrs. 1 mo. 13 da.
        - Rosina; wife of Mathias Holtzwarth; died Oct. 6, 1856; aged 54 yrs. 7 mos. 4 da.

Just from those 4 stones, I'm seeing that Hannah and Rosina died 9 years after the other 2, though those both died in Feb 1847, young too. Yet they say a plague killed everyone at once? And Rosina was 53 yrs old when she had Hannah?

The cemetery book at the library says there were 4 small foot stones (which I didn't see) with the initials:
H.H. - M.H. - C.H. and R.H.

NWIGS lists the cemetery as "Holtzworth Cemetery". Today (Oct. 3, 2002) I went and looked at the stones, it's Holtzwarth.

This is how they were listed in the 1850 census:

16 116 116 HALSWORTH Matthias 51 M Farmer 1,200 Germany
17 116 116 HALSWORTH Rosena 47 F Germany
18 116 116 HALSWORTH Christenia 19 F Ohio
19 116 116 HALSWORTH Christian 14 M Ohio
20 116 116 HALSWORTH Rosena 12 F Ohio
21 116 116 HALSWORTH Godlove 10 M Ohio
22 116 116 HALSWORTH Salina A. 8 F New York

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