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Hickory Point Cemetery
Winfield Township, Lake Co., IN
From 1950's DAR Records

  Hickory Point Cemetery is 8.8 miles south and east of the Crown Point Courthouse southeast corner square at the intersection of Joliet and Main Streets. The cemetery is about ninety feet by thirty feet, on the east side of the north-south road, and is at the turn to the north of the east-west road at the corner of the present Andy Nethery Farm, once owned by the Ward family.
  There are two pine trees, an undergrowth of blackberry bushes, sumac and brush trees. Most of the bodies have been moved into the Salem Church (Methodist) Cemetery a few miles east into Porter County.

CARSON, M.A.; son of M. and N. Carson; died Oct. 29, 1863; aged 11 yrs. 9 mos. 19 da.

CULVER, Aaron; died Nov. 22, 1958; aged 75 yrs.

McFARLAND, ???; Dau of David and Mary McFarland; died Oct. 18, 1877; aged 3 yrs. 3 mos. 7 da. (stone broken across given name)

NICHOLS, Joseph B.; son of William and P. Nichols; died Mar. 17, 1839; aged 4 yrs. 6 mos. 16 da. (also marker with initials J.B.N. on top)
  - Pamela; wife of ?; (stone broken and gone; probably a Nichols since it is near those of the two Nichols children and their stones bear the initial "P" as mother.)
  - Silas G.; son of William and P. Nichols; died Apr 20, 1837; aged 5 yrs. 9 da. (also a headstone bearing the initials S.G.N.)

WARD, Willie; son of A.B. and D. Ward; died Oct. 5, 1859; aged 12 da.
  - W.B.; (headstone with only these initials; could be Ward since lot is nearby)

There is also the following unidentified in cemetery:

1. headstone with initials J.G.
2. three bases with no stones
3. broken fragments

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