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The DePauw Tigers in 1917 Won 5 games, lost 2.
Edbert C. Buss, director of athletics and head of the Physical Education Dept. Coach Buss brought the Tigers through one of the most succesful seasons ever enjoyed here.

Charles W. Bachman, Assistant Athletic Coach and instructor of Physical Education is in a large measure responsible for the outcome of the past season.

Bourban P. Bondurant
Captain of the 1917 Old Gold Football Team.
Bondy is recognized by his men as a leader and his keen judgement on the gridiron had proven infallible in settling petty disputes and differences. He was in the fight every minute of each game breaking up the plays before they materialized.
This was his second year on the team and he was placed on the all-state team this year.

Joseph T. Meredith
Joe, as student athletic manager has been of great service and assistance to each branch of athletics as he has been closely connected with them. Joe always has a word of encouragement for everyone and he has been of invaluable assistance to Coach Buss.

Joe Royse, End and Full
Always reliable and certainly could hit that line hard. Well deserving of Clark's choice on all-state eleven.

Ikey Wineland, Center
A promising young man for next year, for when opportunity presented itself at Bloomington, he showed his knowledge of the game.

Dick Wheat, Quarter
A real field general and a good passer. Elected to captain next years team.

Bun Guild, End
A good tackler and strong at breaking up interference.

Ted Ogden, Center
A sure tackler and was in every play breaking up any offense.

Isey Isenbarger, Half
An unusually hard worker who shows great promise.

Artie Julian, Guard
Steady, consistent work made him a valuable man on this years eleven.

Scout Guild, Guard
A fighter every inch of the way, both offensive and defensive.

BIG Smith, Tackle
A powerful ripping lineman.

Bob Bastian, Half
He sure can punt.

Jimmy Wolf, Half
Mainstay of all interference, always dependable on defense.

Dummy Szold, Half
A good dodger and an open field runner of ability.

Newt Carlisle, End
A sure tackler. Always there when needed.

Bill Tway, Guard
Four years of hard earnest work has made Bill a reliable and dependable man.

Cookie Cook, Half
His ability and his speed were big factors in our scoring machine.


Most of these names, as you can tell, are nicknames probably given to them by coaches and fellow players. I listed the names just how they are in the album, your guess on their real names are as good as mine unless I spend hours trying to match their football uniform picture to their class pictures.
The note under each person is as it is in the book except that I shortened the coaches listings a bit.
Each player has a picture next to him. For info on getting a scanned or photocopied copy of this or any page in the 1918 DePauw Mirage Yearbook contact me. Thank you for visiting!

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