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Hi, my new name is Faith. My foster mom gave it to me and I like it just fine. These humans can't figure out my first name since I was lost when they found me. I tell you I had some fleas real bad but that is all taken care of now. Fleas no more for me. This flea thing and the bad food I could find to eat made my hair look real bad I tell you. I was so ashamed. Humans can't even tell if I am black or brown! I'm so glad to be back where I can play fetch .I'd play fetch all day long if I could find a human to throw the ball for me! Love them tennis balls! My hair is finally looking better too. I've been getting some special beauty shop treatment and my hair is beginning to be shiny again! Well I've decided I'm not telling my age - but I'll tell you that I 'm just under "middle age" - girls don't like to tell their age you know. I love to go out and about on car rides and meet people. Everywhere I go people say what a nice girl I am! I just need one more thing - a home of my own! My foster mom loves me a lot but she says that I need my very own humans to love and be loved by. If you think you'd be interested in making me your very own sheltie please give Indiana Sheltie Rescue a call!