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Welcome to Mrs. Young's Unofficial 4th Grade Class Page

West Virginia in the Civil War This page tells a lot about the Civil War, some of the battles, and talks about some of the people that served in the war. This page also has some pictures...really good page!
1st West Virginia Infantry This is the regiment that Amanda's Great great great grandfather fought in during the Civil War in 1861. They were the first Union regiment organized on Southern soil by President Lincoln.
Selected Civil War Photographs To see some pictures from the Civil War
George Hyde Huish A picture of Amanda's great great great grandfather in his Civil War uniform.
The American Civil War Has a lot of cool links to more Civil War pages.
Indiana History Page By Indiana University, links to Today in Indiana History, pictures from the past, Indiana in the Civil War etc.
Tippecanoe County WebGen Tippecanoe genealogy page but it has historical links about Tippecanoe county.
Battle of Tippecanoe Written by 4th graders in Battle Ground, Indiana who are studying about it too!
Battle of Tippecanoe Written by Reed Beard in 1911. Chapter 2 is about Tecumseh, including a drawing of him.
Lake County Public Library Look for books etc.

GOOSEBUMPS! Welcome to Goosebumps...if you dare! Home Page Magic School Bus, Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, teacher resources including reproducables and all kinds of neat stuff! ABC Tv station with links to TGIF, Sabrina etc.