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Bilbo is a 15”, 45 pound bundle of cuddle bear. At about 5 years old, he loves life and everyone, and has a delightful personality. He does not bark much, only when someone comes to the door or when he plays. He is totally house trained and he gets along well with his sheltie foster sister and brother and doesn’t even mind his feline foster sister. He has not been tested with children. But, with his personality, that should not be a problem as long as the children know they should respect him. He doesn’t need a fenced yard, but you will need to be outside with him because he feels more secure when he has his human near. He is not a clingy boy, but will sit or lay at your feet or across the room. In order to give him a happy, healthy life, his forever family must commit to helping him loose 20-25 pounds. His legs have been affected by his extra weight, but that may improve somewhat with weight loss. His foster mom has worked hard getting him to give up people food and eating only his diet kibble (and an occasional treat). He cannot walk stairs. He doesn’t know many commands, but he’s working on it and that can be something his forever family can help him with and will help him bond with you. Please consider giving this wonderful boy a loving, healthy home. You will be rewarded ten-fold.