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This is a poem (if you can call it that) that I wrote for my son 11 years ago. I was 17 years old, pregnant, scared, alone and very confused and about to lose one of the most important people in my son.

To Matt..
Oh unborn babe so innocent and pure
You feel no fear nor pain...yet I cry for you
But it is I who will feel the hurt

You now will live life joyful and carefree
knowing not the grief and sorrow that I feel
Not for you, but for myself..for I have lost a part of me
as you have gained a more peaceful life
than I could ever hope to give you

Should I keep you...your stomach would be empty
your back be bare, your mind filled with confusion
your heart filled with reward would be loving you
But consequence is seeing you suffer

Because of my love for you,
Sacred unborn child within me
We must part...
Tears fill my eyes as I present you to strangers
for a happier life
But thoughts of you stay deep inside my heart...forever.

Kathy Huish

I love you Matt!

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